Photo Diary: Disneyland, California




I told myself I was not going to do a post related to Disneyland.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a BIG fan of all things Disney, but they have a whole marketing team devoted to Disney, they don’t need any help in this department.

Not to mention, there are hundreds of bloggers that do an outstanding job showcasing all of the best of Disney; is one of my favorites.

But since I do have an international audience, there are those that may have never experienced the magic of Disney, this post is for them.

And also for me and my family to remember this special trip we took in December of 2018.  My mom Tammy Sherlock planned this visit. Thank you mom. We had such a blast, and enjoyed our visit with our brother, sister, nieces and nephew.  These special memories will last a lifetime.

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28 thoughts on “Photo Diary: Disneyland, California

  1. Disneyland and Disney World truly are magical places. Your photos make me want to go right now! It’s been about 60 years since my parents took me to Disneyland, California. It must have been a lot smaller back then! I’ve lived on the east coast for all of my adult life and have made numerous trips to Disney World. The last time we went we stayed at Fort Wilderness Campground and loved it! Thanks for this post!

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    • We love Disney World too. One day I hope to stay at Fort Wilderness Campground ⛺️. My husband and I explored Florida last November and had a fantastic time. We spent a few days in the Keys, a few days in Fort Lauderdale and finished the trip with a few days at Disney World. It was the best time. 🤩

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  2. Disneyland is the most happiest place in the world! Looks like everyone enjoyed time! Haven’t been to Disneyland for ages. I would love to visit again soon for holidays!

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  3. It looks like you guys had an amazing fun time there. I have not been to Disneyland for so long now and seeing how much fun you had makes me plan a visit there because like you said it’s time to experience some magic !

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  4. I have never experienced the magic of Disney sadly but I loved how I was able to get an insight into how magical a trip to Disney would be. By the way are those your dogs? They are so adorable and I am such a huge animal lover!

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