Hello 2018, Goodbye 2017!

Au Revoir 2017! Goodbye…

2017 was a year of change, adventure and fun. It was a year of personal rediscovery and growth.  Here is a list of 17 accomplishments of 2017.

  1. We adopted our beloved giant English Cream golden retriever puppy Elvis.
  2. I said “Goodbye!” to my 22 year career in the newspaper industry.
  3. My mom, son, granddaughter and I went on an adventure across six states.
  4. We visited several National Parks and Monuments: The Pinnacles, The Grand Canyon, The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Grand Staircase Escalante Monument, Kings Canyon, Death Valley, and Yosemite.
  5. I switched to non alcoholic beverages. I quit drinking for better health and to be a better role model.
  6. We sold our camper; and purchased a motor home.
  7. I started a travel blog on wordpress.
  8. We purchased annual passes to Disneyland and had many cherished adventures.
  9. We lost our beloved Nana.
  10. We went on endless road trips, exploring new and favorite places.
  11. We made new friends, and spent quality time with family and friends.
  12. We hosted a stop on the Sacramento Ohana Crawl.
  13. I failed; I applied for a franchise and was approved financially but denied because they were over saturated with franchisee owners.
  14. I was disappointed; I wanted to open a business in my home as we live in historic downtown Sacramento, home of the state capital and the Sacramento Kings, and I was turned down because our home is not zoned commercially, even though we are surrounded by businesses.
  15. I was faithful to God, listened to his Calling; and grew my family at International Christian Center.
  16. I drove for Uber and Lift.
  17. I enjoyed and experienced a full 7 months of being a stay at home mom and travel blogger.

Crushing 18 goals in 2018

Here is my list of 18 goals to be accomplished in 2018! Aim high. 

  1. Listen and follow God.
  2. Become a millionaire x2.
  3. Find a new career path or open a business.
  4. Spend quality time with friends and family.
  5. Teach Rebekah to sleep independently.
  6. Train my golden retriever Elvis.
  7. Finish my degree.
  8. Become more involved in my church International Christian Center.
  9. Take a beach vacation with my mom.
  10. Take an ATV trip with my inlaws.
  11. Create a revenue stream off my passion of traveling.
  12. Travel through Canada in my RV.
  13. Organize my office. Permanently.
  14. Become an expert at a new computer skill; Learn a new program.
  15. Travel abroad, exploring another continent.
  16. Buy a class A RV; sell my current motor home.
  17. Get rid of my double chin.  I said it, this things got to go.
  18. Hike, Bike and Kayak more.

28 thoughts on “Hello 2018, Goodbye 2017!

  1. Congratulations on your achievements. I believe that everything happens for a reason! Although you could not accomplish a few goals this year, I am sure 2018 will be better!

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  2. What a great goals for 2018 and for Elvis too! We trained our pup (Viszla) intensely before we are on the road. As RV travelers me and my husband also plan more driving our coach around more next year as well! maybe Alaska 🙂 Hope you get to travel to Canada and much more fun places!

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    • You know. It wasn’t as lucrative as I had hoped. By the time you factor in your expenses, you are making some money but not great money. The flexibility is very nice. You can basically drive whenever you want. I would say I averaged between 10-12 us dollars an hour. But there were days when I averaged much less depending on the day.


  3. This is great! I need to create a list like this as well. And just put down on paper all the awesome things I’ve done this year and am thankful for. Yellowstone is one of my bucket list destination, hopefully 2018 I’ll be able to finally go.

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  4. Isn’t is cool to look back over the course of a year and think about how far you’ve come? And what a year you’ve had! Quitting a career job, losing a furry one, gaining a furry one, all of the places you’ve gone and posts you’ve written for your blog. Bravo, my dear! Bravo! I’m so excited to read about your adventures in 2018 and wish for your family a very Merry Christmas. x


    • Thank you Alison. Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. Yes it has been a memorable year. I love the new friends I have made in the blogging community including you. Thank you for being so supportive. Cheers!


    • Its nice to have a good road map for the next year. We would do a recap of all of our accomplishments when I worked in the newspaper industry and also a playbook for the following year. I pulled a page out of my playbook.


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