Photo Diary: Mesmerizing Monterey, CA

Only two more days until Christmas!

Elvis and Fonzie excited to start exploring our destination…


These sea lions can be found on the coast guard jetty near San Carlos Beach.IMG_1802IMG_1812IMG_1813

These sea lions are among my 2017 Favorites.

Beautiful San Carlos Beach… perfect for putting your feet in the sand. IMG_1846

Just above San Carlos beach is a beautiful garden view with a spectacular view of the bay.IMG_1853

Walking to Cannery Row.IMG_1855IMG_1866IMG_1870

A view of the tall ship from the garden stop at Monterey Plaza. There is another small beach just down these steps.IMG_1873IMG_1874

The splendid plaza hotel. IMG_1880

Historic buildings along Cannery Row.IMG_1917IMG_1933IMG_1940IMG_1949

The beautiful rocky coastal view along the trail to Lover’s Point which you can see in the distance. IMG_1955IMG_1968IMG_1969IMG_1971IMG_1981IMG_1987IMG_1988IMG_1990IMG_2014IMG_2018IMG_2023

Fonzie loves people, but he is a rescue and doesn’t really care for other dogs.  He bites first and asks questions later.IMG_2050IMG_2052IMG_2053

On the walk from San Carlos Beach to Fisherman’s wharf, you pass a marina. IMG_2056IMG_2063IMG_2064

Cold weather makes me long for warmth of Monterey, CA. No matter how cold it gets in the central valley during wintertime, Monterey, CA is always sunny and warmer in the winter.  Currently its about 60′ in Monterey during the day.  We are averaging 57′ in Sacramento.

If your looking for a place to go for new years that’s fun and low key, you may want to check out Monterey, CA.  Here are the links for places to stay in an RV and things to do.

Do you love long walks along the coast? There really is nothing better than Monterey, CA in the winter. What I love most about Monterey, is that your entire trip can be enjoyed on foot or you can take a free trolley to most of the locations.

Jeremy and I walk 8-10 miles a day in Monterey.

You may want to go soon, they recently opened a state of the art convention center and I can only imagine rooms are going to become much pricier in the off season very soon.

These photos were taken on my walk from San Carlos Park along the trail to Lover’s Point and then back to Fisherman’s wharf to enjoy some delicious hot clam chowder after a long scenic walk.

What is your favorite place to visit or thing to do in Monterey, CA?

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9 thoughts on “Photo Diary: Mesmerizing Monterey, CA

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  2. Beautiful dogs and lovely pics too. Have a big crush on the second photo of the sea lions! So cute. Stunning blog, Stephanie. Somehow, I have the feeling I am travelling with you for real. Nice experience.

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