Photo Diary: 17 places visited in 2017 to FREAK OUT about !

I am always looking forward, and while I thoroughly enjoyed each one of these destinations but I must Confess I am ready to put them to rest for a while.  Here is one LAST shout out to 2017 and all of the fascinating places visited.  For the photo challenge, these are among my 2017 Favorites.

  1. Pinnacles National Park, CA
  2. Monterey, CA
  3. Dillon’s Beach, CA
  4. Death Valley National Park, CA
  5. Las Vegas, CA  We all know what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! 
  6. Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
  7. Kanab, Utah
  8. Jackson, WY
  9. Grand Tetons National Park
  10. Yellowstone National Park
  11. Bonnieville Salt Flats, UT
  12. Lake Tahoe, CA
  13. Yosemite National Park
  14. Morro Bay, CA
  15. Kings Canyon National Park
  16. Disneyland, CA
  17. Plumas National Forest

29 thoughts on “Photo Diary: 17 places visited in 2017 to FREAK OUT about !

  1. Naturally I am drawn to Yosemite and Yellowstone national park, especially the latter which are both stunning and full of diverse ecology. I also like Bonnieville Salt Flats, UT from your photo diary and I like the night shots which adds character to the salt flats.

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    • Thank you Ana. The salt flats were incredible. The colors were so brilliant and there were literally angels and demons in the sky, which is another great idea for a blog post, “Angels and Demons in the sky!” That’s a great header. I am planning to do a trip and actually camp on the salt flats, we arrived just at sunset and after a rain storm, the sky put on quite a show for us.
      Thank you for visiting my page.


  2. You’re absolutely right: These places are to freak out about. I’ve been only to Yosemite, but don’t remember it that breathtaking…although on my pix it looks nice, too (not as wonderful as on yours, though). The other places you are introducing are certainly worth a visit, too. Happy travels in 2018 – to 18 places, I guess?!

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