Photo Diary: Tiki Caliente in Palm Springs, CA

Tiki Caliente is an annual Tiki event that takes place at the Caliente Tropics Hotel. This year it’s taking place the dates of May 17-20.

Tiki is based on an American 1950’s – 1960’s pop culture theme of mid-century modern influenced by Polynesian culture. It includes Tiki statues and carvings of deified ancestors of Polynesian culture, mugs, Tiki bars, hula girls, pineapples, exotic rum drinks, drink umbrellas and more.

You will usually see Tiki-aficionado’s decked out in their best vintage Hawaiian shirts or vintage 1960 inspired dresses.

Tiki Caliente is an annual Ohana (family) celebration   Tiki Caliente is a place where Tiki-aficionado’s come together to celebrate all things Tiki, have fun, share their arts and love of the Polynesian Culture.  There are live bands, pool parties, room parties, educational seminars, dinners, art shows, vendors, Tiki Bar crawls, and of course tropical libations.

Its a magical time for all who participate, and then next best thing to a trip on a tropical island.



24 thoughts on “Photo Diary: Tiki Caliente in Palm Springs, CA

  1. I did not know about this annual event in Palm Springs. Where are the ukeleles? Joking. But looks like fun. That classic green car is in such beautiful shape. Easy to forget how large the American made cars of the 50s and 60s were! A rum cocktail and a dip in the pool on a sunny day would be quite enjoyable.

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  2. I had always thought that Tiki culture was influenced by Polynesian culture but I had no idea that it was actually 1950’s America’s interpretation of Polynesian culture! For anyone who has a keen interest in ‘Tiki Culture’ Tiki Caliente sounds like the perfect hangout spot and I enjoyed browsing through your photo diary of your tiki experience!

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  3. Tiki Caliente in Palm Springs looks so much fun! I love the dinosaurs and dressed up skeleton decor. There was a lot of cocktails there, hope your head wasn’t too sore in the morning.
    I didn’t know much about the Tiki culture so I’ve really enjoyed learning where it came from.

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