Photo Diary: Panoramic views of the Big Island

  Honokōhau Settlement and Kaloko-Honokōhau National Historical Park  Thank you for joining us. Please be sure to follow my blog if you want to keep up with our weekly adventures.  If you enjoyed this post, please like this post or like my page or follow my weekly blog at Stephanie’s RV Travels.  Comments are welcome and … Continue reading Photo Diary: Panoramic views of the Big Island

Photo Diary: Flowers grown with Aloha on The Big Island, Hawaii

These flowers were grown with Aloha (love) by various residents of the Big Island, including our beloved Uncle Ron. Our favorite garden is found at the Old Airport grounds, and it is a community garden tended by the local residents of Hawaii. We also enjoy walking the manicured grounds of the Sheraton Hotel which also have many beautiful hibiscus flowers.

Adventures from the Big Island

By far one of our best days on the Big Island was spent under the sea, scuba diving at Pu'uhonua O Honahunau National Park , also known as the Place of Refuge. This area was considered sacred land by the Hawaiians, and was favored by Hawaiian Chiefs. Hale-o-Keawe acted as the royal mausoleum and held the … Continue reading Adventures from the Big Island

The Hawaii we know and love. 

Have you ever visited a place that you fell in love with and could visit time and time again, to repeat some of the same adventures and explore and find more? This is how we feel about da Big Island Hawaii. We’ve been on the island 4 Days now, and we have returned to many … Continue reading The Hawaii we know and love. 

We are headed to…

We’re headed to Hawaii, The Big Island to be specific.  I’ve been focused on returning to Hawaii as of late, setting my intention to feel warm sand beneath my toes, and surround myself with warm ocean water. This trip was not planned but I wouldn’t call it a surprise as I have been expressing my … Continue reading We are headed to…