We are headed to…

We’re headed to Hawaii, The Big Island to be specific. 
I’ve been focused on returning to Hawaii as of late, setting my intention to feel warm sand beneath my toes, and surround myself with warm ocean water.

This trip was not planned but I wouldn’t call it a surprise as I have been expressing my desire to take a tropical vacation almost daily. 

I received a “substantial” severance package when I left the Bee and I did all of those responsible things your suppose to do with money like paying off my car instead of doing what I wanted to do and travel travel travel. Substantial quickly becomes mediocre when it’s taxed at 50% and then taxed again as income. 

So as my unemployed time off was coming to an end, I was lamenting the fact that I did not do any bucket scuba vacations with my windfall.

And then my fantastic husband suggested we should go to Hawaii before I start working again and we quickly made plans to go. That was a week ago and today I am sitting in a plane, Hawaii bound.

You can probably feel my excitement in these written words. I have so many soft plans for this trip. I’m not the type of person that makes a day to day itinerary for every hour of the day, but I am the type of person that makes a mental list of the big blocks or important, not to be missed items. 

We made our reservations for the world class manta ray dive, and informally made plans to dive with our Cousin Dale. Outside of that, my main goal is to have my feet in the sand and my body under water every single day, for several hours each day. I want to take in some live Hawaiian music and culture. My husband would like to be at Huggo’s on the rocks daily, where they have delicious mai tais, excellent food and live Hawaiian music. And lastly I want to eat fresh Poke’ every single day. 

Here is a list of my big blocks. I can’t wait to share them with you in detail. 

* Hang out with our Uncle Ron

* Manta dive  

* City of Refuge: Scuba, Snorkeling, whale watching 

* Hiking to Green Sand Beach 

* Hilton Hotel Dolphin experience 

* Huggo’s 

* Don the Beach Combers luau  

* Puaku Bay for snorkeling with turtles. 

* Kayaking in front of the royal King Kamehameha. 

* Snorkeling or scuba at mile marker 4.  

* Farmers market 

* Viewing mantas at night at the Sheraton. 

* Daily picnic lunches. 

* Daily home made Poke bowls.  

* Scuba diving near the harbor. 

* Shopping  

* Dinner at Sam Choy’s. 

* BBQ’ing for family and friends at Uncle Rons. 

*Visiting the gardens at the old airport. 


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