The Hawaii we know and love. 

Have you ever visited a place that you fell in love with and could visit time and time again, to repeat some of the same adventures and explore and find more?

This is how we feel about da Big Island Hawaii.

We’ve been on the island 4 Days now, and we have returned to many of our favorites places.

We visited Keauhuo Bay, and walked over the lava crusted shores visiting the Hawaiian culture heritage sites.

The heritage sites included a Heiau, which is a stone temple or platform, a sacred place where ceremonies took place.

A Kahua Hale or house.

A Halau Wa’a or canoe shed.

Nahona A Pa Pipi a dwelling site or cattle pen.

There were a few more sites but I did not capture them all.

We walked around the adjoining Sheraton property as they hav beautiful manicured grounds, flowers, benches and a walking trail along the breathtaking coastline.

Never be afraid to explore the grounds of a hotel. Most of the shoreline in most tourist locations is accessible to the public and I have found almost all hotels to be welcoming to guests.

There were four parking options in Keauhuou Bay, at the Sheraton (paid), coastline access parking which is about 8 sites in a dirt lot next to the Sheraton, a small lot at the harbor, and a few spots on the street. We were luck to snag a free spot in the street.

We had a picnic lunch at magic sands beach and watched the surfers with the locals.

This is winter in Hawaii and it’s been about 80’ but a bit overcast and rainy. There is a little lore rain forecasted for today but the next 7 days are forecasted to be sunny.

We walked through the beautiful garden path at the old airport. This community garden is maintained by the people of Hawaii. There were many beautiful colorful hibiscus plants, fragrant plumeria, gigantic succulents, cacti, birds, feral cats, mongoose and decorative rock formations.

We snorkeled at The King Kamehaha hotel at Kailua Bay.

We had lunch with family and friends at Huggo’s, with a fabulous view of the surf at  high tide. The big waves put on a magnificent show at high tide.

We had pizza for lunch at Mahana Pizza, a delicious thin crust pizza. The owner is the friendly And beautiful Darcy who has a rescue pit named Sam.

We had breakfast at The Fish Hopper, which is owned by the famous Shake family in Monterey. There quality food, excellent service and attention to detail is the same as their restaurants in Monterey.

I’ve been puzzling on the lanai at Uncle Rons, enjoying his company and the company of his two dogs Mr.Bean, the terrier, and Monty, his rescued Dachshund.

We visited our friends house and enjoyed their Brad Parker art collection including original paintings, giclee, mugs and tiki carvings.

And I saved the best for last, we also went on an incredible manta ray dive. We left the harbor on a large dive boat, with the Kona Hunu Dive Operation. Our friend is their manta expert, and one of their skilled dive masters. Kevin led our dive in this night.

There were four in our party, Bob my husbands karate instructor was also in Hawaii at the same time so he booked the dive based on our recommendation, he brought a friend named Clyde with him. Clyde was snorkeling.

The ocean was rough on this night. Kevin was not sure we would see mantas on this night and had a special dive planned as plan B.

However someone wore their lucky swim suit (joke) and ten mantas showed up and put on an incredible show. You were filled with awe and wonder the entire time you were under water.

The sizes ranged from 4’ wide to 12-14’ wide. They move so fast and graceful and they look like they were having just as good of a time as we were as they dance with each other above us. The would circle and flap their giant wings with mouths wide open as the collected the plankton that was illuminated by our powerful flashlights.

They would do backflips above our heads, which would send you rolling like tumbleweed along the ocean floor if you were not clinging or hugging the heaviest boulder you could find. Sometimes their enormous motion and energy would send so much current through the water that you inherited extra strength to pick up and move these gigantic boulders that have become marbles, not that you had any intention of moving these boulders.

It was really a series of God’s divine mercy and grace that brought us to such a showcase of his wonder.  The mantas typically do not come near the shore in rough surf, but the waters had been rough since we arrived on Friday, and most if not all dive operators had cancelled their dives on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so these mantas were hungy, and were in a feeding frenzy.

If you love to dive, I href=””>Insist you try this one of a kind, exhilarating Manta dive.

I have been fortunate to participate in this dive at this dive location aptly named the campfire twice. Both times were incredible. I find myself praising God for allowing me to be a part of this underwater world and enjoy all of this beauty and splendor he has created.  Praying, praising and talking to God helps me feel at piece under water. I don’t have to be afraid as God is with me.


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