Did you miss me?

Did you miss me as much as I’ve missed you.  I know that sounds like a question, but to me it’s a statement, which is why I chose to forgo the question mark for a period. 

I am glad to be back. I will eventually be back on the road soon and exploring the US and hopefully one day the rest of the world.

I know, I feel like I’ve been gone for so long and I have, its been a few months, a little over 3 to be exact. Truth be known, I have made a few day trips that I should have shared but nothing that excited me so much that I needed to tell you about them, but I should have.  Except for quad riding, that always excites me. I love to ride my electric steed through the forests.

What has kept me so occupied that I haven’t been able to travel… the prospect of a new business.  I tested out the waters of becoming an Independent Business Operator for Snyder-Lance distributor of tasty snacks like pretzels, chips and all things salty.  It hasn’t been easy.

At this time, I don’t think the particular route I have been servicing is for me.  So I will be pursuing other opportunities as soon as this route is sold to the new buyer.

A few things I’ve learned about operating a Snyder-Lance delivery route.  Make sure the route is nearby, as fuel costs quickly absorb the profits.  This job is GREAT physical activity and you will quickly lose weight while eating all of the foods you enjoy, but you might be too tired to do any of the things you enjoy. But if you want to shed a few pounds and get paid, you might consider a part time job merchandising.  I really enjoyed this aspect of the job.  Being an IBO does provide all of the benefits of being a business owner and allows you to write off your expenses, but you do have a lot of expenses like wear and tear on your vehicle, the cost of your delivery truck or truck and trailer, fuel, and merchandiser pay if you have a large route and need an assistant to help.  Overall, it has been a positive experience but my expenses are running too high to make it as profitable as I expected it to be. Truth be told I might look for a position with Nabisco or Frito, and let the big companies pick up the expenses as I thoroughly enjoyed the exercise. On average I was walking 4-8 miles per day.

I was lucky enough to squeeze in a trip to visit my favorite Uncle Pete, which is my father’s older brother.

image1 (3)

The good news is that when I wrap up this route in the next 30 days, I will be taking a nice long hike as this is the best hiking shape I have ever been in.  If you have any suggestions of a good 3 day hike within 2-3 hours of Sacramento, CA please comment.  I am considering desolation wilderness or the John Muir trail.

Thank you for joining us. Please be sure to follow my blog if you want to keep up with our weekly adventures.  If you enjoyed this post, please like this post or like my page or follow my weekly blog at Stephanie’s RV Travels.  Comments are welcome and enjoyed. If you have a favorite place to go, that you would like to share please share in comments or send me a message.






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