Finding hidden gems in your hometown.


Hidden gems are to me discovering a place or venue that has existed for a long time in your hometown that you never knew about. I love them and I have found two treasures in the past couple of months.

It’s always good fun to discover a new restaurant and brew house that has just opened up like Urban Roots in Sacramento, or the Community Tap room which has great live music, but its also a thrill to discover a new outdoor recreation area like Sand Cove Beach Park which is only 3 miles from my house, and a great place to catch some sun or launch our kayak into the Sacramento River.

On Friday night, I was had the opportunity to attend a fantastic production of Disney’s Mary Poppins performed by the talented Fair Oaks Theatre Festival.  We had a great time at this hidden gem and theater under the stars. I had no idea that Carmichael had been hiding this treasure all of these years.

First, about the production directed by Michael Coleman, a resident of Fair Oaks, CA and performed by the talented cast from the Fair Oaks Theatre Festival, they captured the essence, magic and child-like wonder of Mary Poppins.

Katie Veal performing Mary Poppins was positively perfect with her rosy cheeks and magic carpet bag. Supercalifragilistic was one of my favorite performances.


Jane and Michael, performed by Manasa Bollepragada and Gideon Klapow were talented children and gave Mr. And Mrs. Banks and others just the right amount of sass.  They exemplified child-like wonder throughout the show.

Bert, performed by Alexander Greening is one of my favorite characters of the show and Alexander did a fantastic job finding fun in even the most arduous and dirty jobs. I was surprised by the performance of Mrs. Brill, performed by Mozhon Sadeghi. She was awesome, and provided some extra heat in the kitchen with her flustered attitude.


George and Winifred Banks performed by Jonathon Blum and Kimberly Colisch performed their roles to perfection.

My favorite setting of the show was the stone statues in the park. The grey stone like costumes, make up and blond hair provided a mystical setting.

It was a fantastic show and this theatre has some special magic of its own as it’s an outdoor venue under the stars and there were no bad seats in the house. The seating is bench seats, but you can rent padded seat covers if you choose.  It does get cool at night so be sure to bring a warm jacket. I had a four year old and my 80 years young aunt with me and we were not quite prepared for the night time chill so we had to depart the show during intermission, so my review does not include the second half of the show. I am looking forward to returning for the second half.

The venue has resident chickens and roosters which the small town of Fair Oaks is known for, that perch and walk around the theater. There is beer and wine sold by the sponsor Fair Oaks Brew Pub, and food and other beverages are available.

Parking could be an issue, but what seemed far was in reality only a few blocks and there are plenty of restaurants nearby for a delicious meal before the show like the Fair Oaks Brew Pub or Carmelita’s.

Mary Poppins runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

June 15 through August 5, 2018

No show on July 29th

Veteran’s Memorial Amphitheatre

7991 California Ave, Fair Oaks, CA

Play starts at 8:00 pm.

Ticket Prices:

General $18.00 | Students and Seniors (60 and over) $15.00 | Children (12 and under) $10.00

This is my first sponsored blog post, and want to thank The Fair Oaks Theatre Company and Sacramento Bloggers for the opportunity.  #SACBloggers #FOTCBloggers

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