Mamma Mia!

29136513_1973035469404374_5494721952931119104_oHello, my friends.  I’m back and alive and ready to get back on the road.

I’m still working with my nephew Giovanni as he sells his business, but that should be in the wraps in the next couple of week, then it’s adventure I seek.

I did have an awesome opportunity extended by the talented Margaret Andrews who I met through Sacramento Bloggers to attend Mamma Mia at the Music Circus.  Thank you Margaret, and Julie Gallagher. Julie Gallagher set up a lovely champagne social media reception for local social media influencers.   I am loving these media perks, they remind me of my days of being spoiled in the community while working at The Sacramento Bee.  Believe me, its tough to sit in regular seats at an event when you been watching them from a suite for 22+ years.

Are you a social media influencer? – if you want to join us for fun things like this in the future, find out more at

The Mamma Mia musical now showing at the Music Circus was awesome and is only running for two more days; you can catch a show today or tomorrow.   If you love musicals or Abba music, this show is for you so don’t delay and get your tickets today.

You can get your tickets here:

Mamma Mia is performed to the fun and electric music of Abba.  This story is about a young woman who is about to get married and does not know who her father is. She invites the three men that might be her father to her wedding without her mom’s knowledge.  It’s a zany story line, but it works.

The cast performance is excellent. The chemistry between Sofie performed by Francesca Arostegui and Kevin performed by Michael Campayno is electric.  There are so many GREAT scenes and performances. One of my favorites is when the bachelors come to pick up Kevin the groom for a prewedding scuba adventure to find a pearl necklace for the bride. You know I love anything to do with scuba and underwater adventure and to see this group of handsome young men do a dance routine in snorkeling gear is hilarious. 

This show is funny, and entertaining, and takes you away.  You will leave with the heart warming feeling of having attended a small intimate family wedding, and at the same time feel like you’ve gone on a mini vacation to a beach house on a warm tropical island.

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