My experience as Wonder Woman’s Vitruvian Woman.

1768229-wonder_woman_604I saw an acupuncturist on Wednesday of last week. I want to get this post written while the experience of seeing an acupuncturist is still fresh in my mind.

I haven’t been feeling well. In fact I have been seeing the doctor for the same symptoms for at least 2 years now and they haven’t gotten any better. I can’t really blame the doctors, as I haven’t exactly been taking care of myself. I have borderline anemia, which is a result of low iron and low vitamin D.  The low iron causes you to feel sluggish, thins your hair and makes your legs hurt, and lately I have been having pain in my groin and also the left side of my foot. My husband suggested I see his acupuncturist, so I gave it a try.

Lisa was the name of the acupuncturist and she has an office in downtown Sacramento, not too far from my house.  She was Caucasian, in excellent physical shape, smartly dressed and well put together.  Her office was very modern, and decorated with the cutest little birds all over the place. You would see them in the most random hidden spots. The office was very inviting, which was in the basement of an old Victorian house. I live in a basement of an old Victorian house, not too far away from this one.

The acupuncturist treats your whole body, and not just your symptoms.  She looked at my tongue and said it was scalloped. I told her about my symptoms, and she immediate told me she could tell I was having problems with my hips, and the scalloped tongue represented low blood which is also anemia. The exact diagnosis was Spleen Qi deficiency.

Qi is the life force that flows through living beings and it is the energy that enables each organ system to do its job. Spleen Qi Deficiency means that the life force of the Spleen is low, and it won’t be able to perform its functions properly.

Hmmm… No one ever suggested that, in fact I have an appointment lined up at Kaiser to see my gynecologist. I thought the pain in my groin was coming from my female parts.  I felt a little silly about lining up the appointment with my gynecologist. I actually told the nurse practitioner that I saw that I wanted to be seen for a possible hysterectomy, thinking this would make the pain go away.  After a painful biopsy, which came back normal, she agreed.  Acupuncture seems like a more humane and less drastic option that what I was self prescribing.

She also asked about my poop and wanted a description.  After the interview, I undressed, all except my undies, put on a robe open to the back and laid face down on the massage table. She had the most beautiful french music playing. She came back in the room and told me she was going to treat me for the hip pain and low blood. She placed a dozen small pins as thin as hair into my skin in several places, you could hardly fell them. You feel a slight tingling sensation, then total relaxation around the spot that they are placed. She did say that the two that were going to be placed into the soft skin on my feet would hurt a bit and she had me cough loudly as she entered them into place. It did hurt a little bit but stopped just as soon as they were placed. It was quick and well worth it.

After all of the superfine pins were in place, I continued to lay on the table and relax for 20 minutes. I didn’t fall asleep but the experience was very relaxing.  After about 20 minutes she returned and removed all of the pins.  I rolled over and she placed the same amount of pins into my front side, a few on my face, a few on my chest, a few in my hips and a few in my legs and feet. In this pose, I was reminded of the Leonardo da Vinci drawing of the Vitruvian man. This time the ones on my feet did not smart. I relaxed for another 20 minutes. She returned and removed them.

She told me that I would be sore and in discomfort around my hips because that was the area she treated the most and she was right. I was so sore for the rest of the day but the next day I felt immensely better, not 100% better, as I am still walking 3-4 miles per day on my feet, but I did feel a lot better.  A week later and I now feel fantastic, I have been taking my iron as well but the groin or hip and leg pain subsided.  The right side of my foot still hurts if I over pronate my foot.

She also provided me with a list of foods to tonify Spleen Qi or to foods eat and to avoid based on my low iron. I have been noticing lately that I am lactose intolerant, and most of those milk and cheese based foods were on the list of foods to avoid.  Sugar is also on the list and I need to work harder to avoid this one.  I completely stopped eating sugar for all of January and February and felt a huge difference.  I should find the momentum to return to this lifestyle.

So now I am taking my iron more regularly and trying to eat more red meat and eggs which I have been craving lately. I plan to see her again as soon as we are finished with route.  She said she will put together some herbs for me on my next visit.

If you are considering seeing an acupunturist, I recommend the visit. And if you are seeking a recommendation and you live in Sacramento, message me.

If you are wondering about the picture, it was the cover of an issue of the Wonder Woman comic.

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