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I wanted to create a page to track my progress and share what I have learned with others in the blogging community.  Everyday I am learning something new about social media marketing.

The Daily Post

Oct-2017 I learned how to utilize The Daily Post,  which is a one word challenge, created to inspire blog ideas.  Create a pingback. There is a html string for each daily post word of the day page. The string is located on the link that reads show instructions, and you simply copy this into your HTML tab located on the top of your edit tool bar.  Please the code wherever you want to see the daily word. For example yesterday’s word was Rounder, its up to you to use the word how you see fit based on your perspective.  I chose to include this daily post in my blog related to orange jellyfish in Monterey, CA. The Weekly Photo Challenge (details below) was “Rounder”, so I used my blog post referencing round orange jellyfish… brilliant.  Once you add the code to your post, the post will show up on the list with all other daily posts and bloggers can view and read about other perspectives on the use of the word of the day.  Its fun, and there is quite a following of readers and bloggers out there that may not have crossed your blog’s path.

Here is the link to the daily post:

The Weekly Photo Challenge

Oct-2017 I also learned how to participate in the Weekly Photo challenge.  The steps are very similar to the steps for The Daily Post.  A new theme is posted Wednesday of each week.

Here is the link to the weekly photo challenge:

There are many blogger that have posted step by step instructions, written and in video, just search for them.

Here is what I liked about these challenges. Most importantly, they allow you interact and engage with other bloggers that have your similar interests or other interest that might be new to you.  They spark creative ideas that you might not of thought of. And they also drive traffic back to your site and help you build and attract your audience.


RT groups

This week I learned about Retweet Groups.  There are twitter groups that will encourage you to post a link to your site and tag the twitter retweet group.  These sites will retreet your post to their audience so others can see and follow you.  I gained about 25 followers in one day, if I did that every week. I would have 1300 followers in a year.

Pros:  It created some engagement. Your post is exposed to others that might not have seen your post.  You will get some new followers.  I recommend tagging these groups on future posts, and following the folks that interest you.

Cons: I participated in the retweet and liked everyone on the train but only roughly 10% followed me back.  It seemed like a bit of a waste of time.  I don’t recommend spending a lot of time retrweeting or following others that do not interest you.  For example, my blog is focused on travel. My readers and audience are interested in travel but not necessary blog advice, beauty products or tips, mommy tips, or recipes, it doesn’t make sense to retweet these items to my audience.

I signed up for a twitter software plug in called . This plug in provides you with additional twitter analytics and made recommendations on new actions to take each day to engage with your audience.  I only signed up for the free version which provides you with 10 actions per day.  I like this software. As a social media manager I recommend it if you are working on building an audience and creating community engagement.  You can see who follows you and engages with you.

Advice that I’ve received. 

I reached out to a large FB page, that had a list of FT RV bloggers.  These were also FT Rv’ers.  I asked about becoming one of their bloggers.  I was asked if I had a twitter or instagram following.  At the time I only had a small private twitter and instagram following as I am more of a FB user.  I was told I needed a bigger audience. I then asked for any recommendations. He gave me some great advice, he suggested I follow and interact with others that were in my community doing what I was doing. This is great advice. I found that there were many other bloggers out there on wordpress, twitter, FB, and instagram doing what I am doing but I was not following them. So This week I started my twitter and instagram account and have been working on engagement.

Lots of engagement in RV FB groups, yes, those are my people, they are out there doing the same things that I love.  There is a lot of community and sharing of ideas and resources.

Creating Buzz… don’t forget to create Buzz around your posts, people like to know what you are doing, especially on your personal page.  Post your accomplishments, big and small.

Product testing swag… I received my first offer for product testing through Twitter, and I am excited to share it with my readers.  I am also pleased that it correlates with my genre of travel and adventure.  The vendor reached out to me through a message on Twitter, it was that easy.  I can’t wait to see what arrives.

To be added later.


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