Photo Diary: Exploring Yosemite National Park

With all of the talk about raising prices to visit our National Parks to $70, which in my humble opinion is too steep and will keep your average American family priced out of visiting National Parks, I’m sharing my photos I took in spring of 2017.

I will say it was an EPIC year for these mighty waterfalls, and the snow pack from last years wet winter left these falls rushing.

Many of these waterfalls are Temporary, and don’t last much longer than late spring. This was an exceptional year to view these waterfalls.

These public lands of America are our Inheritance and belong to our children and future generations.

I wish I could identify them all, maybe you can help?  There are 10 falls, I’ve numbered them, Leave me a comment with the fall identification. Are you up for the challenge?

#1IMG_4650 (2)#2IMG_4657 (2)#3IMG_4716 (2)#4IMG_4746 (2)#5IMG_4752#6IMG_4754 (2)


The back of the Majestic Yosemite Hotel aka Awahnee Hotel.



IMG_5173repeat of #9IMG_5175 (2)IMG_5176IMG_5182IMG_5190



Winter can be the perfect time of year to visit Yosemite.  In the summer, parking can be a Zoo, especially in an RV. It took us 2 hours to find parking;  I am not exaggerating!

Thank you for joining us.

If you enjoyed these pictures, please follow me as I post a weekly photo diary.

Comments are welcome, appreciated and enjoyed.

30 thoughts on “Photo Diary: Exploring Yosemite National Park

  1. Did you know that every fourth grader in the U.S. is given a family pass to get into all of the national parks for free? I had no idea until our neighbors started a year-long quest to visit as many as they are able. They have 5 kids under the age of 12, can you imagine? Yosemite was one they went to over the summer and it was so fun to see all of the photos the kids took. Seeing it through a child’s eye was really very cool. x

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  2. Wonderful photos. I missed Yosemite in my travels and will have to get back to visit. Unhappy about the recent talk of shrinking the size of parks, raising the rate, and drilling in nature’s beauty. Better get there soon if I am going. I had no idea about 4th graders being given a family pass. Will have to check into that and visit with a 4th grader. It will be a while before my grandson’s are in 4th grade. Looks like you had a wonderful vacation!! Thank you for sharing.


  3. With all the snowfall and rain last year, I didn’t think about how amazing it would have been out there. I should have planned to go there with my daughter. I know she would have loved it. I am sad to hear about the raising of prices though. That sucks.

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    • I agree. We took the tram tour for the first time. I recommend it. It drives around in an open top team or shuttle. It allows you to see all of the sites without driving from spot to spot. I recommend reservations.


  4. My word that looks absolutely stunning! What incredible views. Photos never truly capture the scale of mountains so I can only imagine how amazing that looked in real life!

    Yosemite is on my list of places to visit! Such a shame the prices are rising so much.

    Issy | MissIsGoode

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  5. Oh this just gave me the nostalgia for when I use to go to yosemite as a young girl with my family. It was absolutely a joy to be surrounded by nature’s beauty. Need to make the trek back soon because I miss it.

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